“Broken” and “Healing”

When this beautiful woman came for her session, I knew God was going to use her story and photos in a great way. As we were photographing her, covered in paste and bandages, recreating how she was trying to glue her broken pieces back together, God came down in a very special way. It was as though we could feel her brokenness from so many years ago, but also the brokenness of so many other men and women. It was so strong, that we had to pause for a moment and pray. So if you are that broken one today…we said a prayer for YOU while we were taking this photo! There is healing for you! You are loved!

If you would like to read more of Christy’s story, you can read her blog here.

“Turn Back Time”

Christina’s After the Abortion photography session was quite intense. We cried through much of the session! But there was also a beautiful peace, as God’s presence was with us in a very special way. I have no doubt that God is going to use her photos in a very powerful way to touch many hearts.

Although Christina can’t turn back time, she can help others see the reality of pain that comes after an abortion…and maybe help others from experiencing that great pain.