Nov 3, 2019

“Troubled Waters”

This is the first photo from my session today with Dusty. She flew in all the way from Utah for her session…and was willing to sit in cold water for this mournful shot!

God is doing great things in Dusty’s life. I’m so thankful she is finding healing for her troubled soul. Even so, she can’t help but think about her child…17 years after her abortion! She wrote these words, hoping to help keep others from making the same mistake.

Click on this link to read her entire story.

“Hysterical”, “The Empty Album” and “Bridge to my Father”

These are the last three photos from my session with Dusty.

While I was reading her story, I stopped suddenly when I read the part about the bridge. (See her quote under the photo of her on the bridge.) I prayed, “God, I need a really special bridge for this photo–something very unique! And only one day before her session, I discovered this amazing abandoned bridge. It was perfect! God does this over and over again for this project. He leads me to the perfect prop (or location) to be able to create the most impactful photos. Why? Because He loves post-abortive women THAT MUCH!!!