Jul 20, 2019

“Don’t Forget About Me!” and “Don’t Forget About Us!”

If you saw my post about my trip to California, that little walnut was the reason for it. Jenna keeps it to remind her of her baby. She felt so strongly that she needed to be a part of the After the Abortion photography series that she paid my way to California!

While I was there, God spoke to me in so many ways about our session—and also about sweet Jenna. He wanted her—and others—to know that if you have asked Jesus for forgiveness, then you are no longer guilty. Jesus’ death paid the price for EVERY sin! It is not necessary to punish yourself. Once you receive His forgiveness, you must forgive yourself…and walk as the Child of God He says you are! 

Jenna is still in the healing process, but I believe God is doing a new work in her life and that He is going to use her story to touch others. Wait until you see the other set of photos. They are going to be powerful!!!

“The Charade” and “Who I Really Am”

If you saw my post about my trip to California in July we did a couple images about a walnut, and we did these extremely powerful images. One portrays her intense suffering after her abortions while the other shows who she is now in Christ.

These photos are true for so many people. Many around us can’t see who we really are…but it’s who we REALLY ARE that makes all the difference in our lives! And for Jenna, once she found forgiveness and healing in Christ she became a new person. Now, as a Child of the King, she is walking in the light of His love…and spreading His goodness to others!