Aug 23, 2019

“Mama’s Sorry”, “What Have I Done?” and “My Life is Yours”

Mara’s photos are some of my favorite photos from this series! She is such a beautiful person, both inside and out! After her baby was conceived in rape, Mara–like many others–felt the only answer was to abort her baby. In time, she came to realize that her baby’s life was still valuable and she wished she had given him the chance to live. Mara has come to God and has found hope, healing and a new purpose! Soon she will be on staff at a church, working with youth!

For this very unique shoot, Mara followed me into the fields by the woods by our home, where I had carried many buckets of water to a pool I had dragged into the field. There was a lot of effort put into these photos…but they were definitely worth the effort!