May 11, 2019

“Broken Heart” and “Giving Back a Mended Heart”

I have shed tears over every session for the After the Abortion photography series, but for this session I have wept and prayed many times right into the session. Marcie’s story has shown me the deep emotional pain and torment that can follow an abortion. (We will have a future set of photos depicting suicide attempts and self harming.) I’m so thankful that just last year Marcie began her journey toward healing. I know without a doubt that God has great plans to use this beautiful woman’s life!

If you saw the post about the pig heart, here it is in use!

“Shattered Dreams”, “Scars”, “Tired of Hurting” and “Hope Restored”

Marcie is such a beautiful person! If you look at her photos and read her story, you will understand why I spent so much time praying over and crying over her session. I am so thankful that she has chosen to share part of her story of immense suffering and profound healing with the world so that other lives might be deeply touched by her experience.

As she left my home after this long session, we were both exhausted. She looked at me and said, “I hate my scars”. I touched her hand and responded, “Don’t hate them. You are beautiful and your scars tell your story…and they show just how far God has brought you!”

If you read her testimony (as well as the two photos with the pig heart) you will see that she has quite an intense story. For this reason I have posted all of her photos together.