Mike & Lisa

May 16, 2019

“Trapped in the Silence” and “Breaking the Silence”

I have been looking forward to this session since I started this series! Lisa is the director of Deeper Still in Northern Indiana. God is using her and her husband to speak healing into many post-abortive men and women’s lives. If your life has been affected by an abortion, please do all you can to attend one of these free retreats. They are life-changing!

A little behind the scenes…when Lisa contacted me, saying her husband would be doing the session with her, I was so excited! (I pray this is the beginning of many men who will be part of the After the Abortion photography series!) I knew exactly what I had planned for them! Well the day for the session came and Mike ended up being this GIANT of a man…and I was intending to cram him-and his wife- into this box! Somehow, we managed, and these photos turned out to be even more powerful than I had imagined. Thank you, Mike, for all you went through that day, but most of all, thank you for your heart. May God use you both to reach many men and women with the incredible love and healing power of Jesus!