Oct 13, 2019

“A Piece of Me Died” and “Alive”

For this amazing session, Serena and I headed out to the cemetery! Serena’s heart-rending story is quite interesting because although her baby was conceived in rape and she was forced to have an abortion, she still grieved the loss of her baby for many years.

To make matters worse, Serena is one of many women wondering if her baby was one of the many baby bodies found at Klopfer’s home. You can read part of her amazing story by following this link.

“Innocence Stolen” and “Shine”

This first photo includes many symbolic elements, showing the innocence that was stolen from her at only 13 years old. It breaks my heart to look at it and understand her pain.


This is the last of the photos from Serena’s session in the cemetary.

I find these words from Serena to be very powerful, “Klopfer and I were both hurt people from our past. He was hurt and angry when his country was bombed as a child. I was hurt and angry because I was raped and violated by abortion. He chose to hang onto his hurt and not forgive and listen to the lies of satan and be used by him to take over 30,000 lives and hurt countless women. I chose to lay my heart at the foot of the cross and choose forgiveness and follow Christ. Because I made that choice I walk in freedom. I have been set free from all guilt and shame. I am called daughter.”