Apr 26, 2019

God cares!

I have been going to different second-hand shops and antique stores, searching for a wind-up toy or doll–anything with a wind-up key like this. I wanted it for a meaningful photo I wanted to do for tomorrow’s After the Abortion photography session. I asked all the workers if they had anything like this, but no one knew of anything in their stores at that time.

I was in the last store today–my last chance. I prayed, “God, I believe this photo is really going to make a great impact. If there is anything like this here, please direct me to it. It doesn’t have to be attached to anything. All I need is the key.”

I walked across the store praying and searching. A couple minutes later, a worker I had spoken to earlier handed me this key and asked, “Would this work? It’s just the key.”

I was literally choking back the tears. Embarrassed, I explained to her what I had just prayed, and why I’d be using it. Then she started tearing up. I asked her how much it would cost. She said, “Nothing, because I believe God is going to use this.”

Stephanie, it’s going to be an amazing session!!! 

“Going Through the Motions” and “Saturated in His Love”

Maybe you saw the little story about God providing the wind-up key, or maybe you saw the video of this photo session, well here are the resulting photos. So much being conveyed in these powerful images!

Stephanie is such an amazing person. God uses her to speak and share her testimony, bringing His healing to many other broken individuals. She has also written a book! Check out these links to her website and for her book.

“Broken Pieces” and “Restoration”

“Blur” and “Clarity”