Nov 12, 2019

“I Have a Secret”, “The Skeleton in my Closet” and “Gilgal”

This week I flew to North Carolina for one of the most incredible photo shoots for the After the Abortion photography series. Tori’s desire was to have her session at the former abortion clinic where she had her abortion 20 years ago. (It is a beauty school now and we were able to get permission to enter for this session.) I can say that it was the most intense session ever! I will never forget the heavy oppression that we felt with every step we made inside and around that clinic, which confirmed to us the great evil that surrounds the abortion industry!

Each of these photos was taken at a significant spot at the clinic: “I Have a Secret” was taken under the counter in the dispensary. The dispensary is where the precious babies were pieced back together to make sure nothing was still left in the mother. “The Skeleton in my Closet” was taken in the bathroom that was used for the patients during their abortion. “Gilgal” was taken at the memorial that Tori made for her baby behind the clinic, where the babies’ bodies would be left in the bins. It was quite an emotional session. We had to take a moment to pray after we got back to the car.

Thankfully, Tori has been able to find forgiveness and healing. And out of her pain, God has used her to start a ministry to minister to other post-abortive women who are seeking healing!

If you want to read more of her story, you can read her blogs:

You can also check out her website, where you can buy a beautiful necklace to remind people of the value of human life.

“Opening the Door”, “Bucket of Tears”, “Never the Same” and “Safe in the Hands of God”

Each of these photos was taken at a significant spot at the clinic. “Opening the Door” was in front of the door Tori walked in for her abortion. “Bucket of Tears” was shot by the brick walls that Tori always remembered inside the clinic. “Never the Same” was taken outside the side door where the girls would exit after their abortion. “Safe in the Hands of God” was taken on the very spot behind the abortion clinic where the dumpsters were filled with the broken bodies of those precious babies. Thankfully, Tori and Bryan know that their baby is safe in the hands of God!